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Serviços Humanitários / 24/06/2021


Ilê Aiyê holds an online event for training black, indigenous and gypsy women; check schedule

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Ilê Aiyê holds an online event for training black, indigenous and gypsy women; check schedule

Creative Entrepreneurs Fair takes place between June 28th and July 1st.

Entitled “Fair of Creative Entrepreneurs – FEIRAIYÊ”, the action is in its second edition and takes place between June 28th and July 1st.

The program has seven activities, including mentoring, workshops and panels, which address topics ranging digital presence to financial management, including time management and sustainability.

For the mentoring “Presença Digital” and the workshops “Welcome to Entrepreneurs” and “Financial Management”, interested parties should register on this link.

The panels, whose themes are “Entrepreneurship and Identity – Transforming dreams”, “Entrepreneurship in the Pandemic – Case Kit Glossy”, “Self-Care and Time Management” and “Entrepreneurship and Sustainability”, will be broadcast with free access on the event's channel.

FEIRAYÊ is carried out by Ilê Aiyê, together with Caderno 2 Produções, produced by Multi Planejamento Cultural and sponsored by the Government of the State of Bahia.

Check out the full schedule:

Mentoring: Digital Presence, with Juliana Almeida

Days: 28, 29, 06/30 and 07/01 (Monday to Thursday)

About: The main objective of this mentorship is to help build paths and online dialogues, stimulating the creative process and giving visibility to the professional profile in order to attract important connections to promote networking and strategic dissemination of the work.

Subjects covered in mentoring: Entrepreneurial Mindset; Attraction Marketing; Social media;

Workshop: Welcome Day, with Nara Peixoto

Days: June 29 and 30 (Tuesday and Wednesday), 8am to 12pm

About: The activity seeks to stimulate reflection on self-care, facing a journey as exhausting as that of the woman entrepreneur. Based on self-perception and self-analysis, entrepreneurs will have access to techniques and tools for a lighter and healthier entrepreneurial performance.

Panel: Entrepreneurship and Identity – Transforming dreams, with Luakam Anambé

Day: 06/29 (Tuesday), at 2 pm

About: Luakam Anambém had his childhood robbed by child labor, but he resigned his pain through Anaty Dolls, an appreciation of the Anambé ethnicity and other peoples their region, in Pará. Luakam's origins are present in his dolls and in all of his life's history. Through handcrafted dolls, she reaffirms her identity and also strengthens other women with the Mãos de Fadas (Fairy Hands) project.

Panel: Empreendendo na Pandemic – Case Kit Glossy, with Iajima Silena and Jennifer Bomfim

Day: 06/29 (Tuesday), at 4 pm

About: As a self-care mechanism during the pandemic, Iajima Silena embraced the motto SWEATING THE BODY RELIEVES THE MIND, an invitation to movement as a strategy for living well. In partnership with Jennifer Bomfim, she outlined the launch strategy for the Glossy Kit, consisting of a body, a personalized cup and a high dose of stimulation for experimentation and appreciation of the real body. The kit sold out in a week.

Panel: Self-care and Time Management, with Hundira Cunha

Day: 06/30 (Wednesday), at 2 pm

About: Hundira Cunha brings a reflection on planning based on welcoming thinking. Understanding the exhaustive workload of women who undertake, especially mothers, she proposes self-care and time management strategies.

Panel: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, with Hellen Nzinga

Day: 06/30 (Wednesday), at 4 pm

About: It is increasingly urgent to think about the impacts promoted by the projects and think about sustainable solutions. Hellen Nzinga talks about her experiences in front of sustainable projects and about the newly launched sustainable entrepreneurship platform.

Workshop: Financial Management, with Ludmyla Oliveira

Days: 07/01 (Thursday), 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm

About: At the workshop, the administrator and Ludmyla Oliveira presents development and growth tools for businesses, based on good financial management.

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