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Educação / 27/03/2021

World Action Week 2021: Registration is now open for the biggest activity for education in the world

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World Action Week 2021: Registration is now open for the biggest activity for education in the world

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Mobilization for financing education and strengthening educational systems in the context of Covid-19 takes place between 14 and 21 June. Registration for receiving materials and promoting activities is available on the SAM 2021 website and on the National Campaign for the Right to Education networks

The 18th World Action Week, the largest collective action in favor of education on the planet, will take place between the 14th and 21st of June and the registration is open until May 14th!

Since the first edition of SAM, more than 85 million people worldwide have already mobilized and, in Brazil alone, there are already about 1.7 million people.

As with each edition, there will be free distribution of materials and certificates to the participants.


Registrations to carry out a SAM 2021 activity and to receive printed materials for free by post can be made through this link. There will be a certificate of participation by sending a report of the activities carried out. See more information below.

Funding and safe school

With the theme ‘Education is passing the lesson: Funding and a safe school! Teach and learn with infrastructure! ’, SAM 2021 prioritizes the need to ensure security for the return to face-to-face activities in schools across the country, in a Covid-19 pandemic scenario. This will require more and better funding, as well as a strengthened, free and inclusive public education system.

This is the demand of the Global Campaign for Education and also that of the National Campaign for the Right to Education in Brazil. For this reason, the call to the public authorities to listen to the educational community.

With a series of materials available on the website, such as the SAM 2021 Manual, SAM proposes themes to be worked on in self-managed activities carried out by teachers, families and guardians, and students, the entire educational community, managers, counselors, decision makers and all people concerned with ensuring the right to education. Together, we demand funding for a public education system that is free and inclusive, strengthened and secure.

In the context of a pandemic, we emphasize that activities should be done remotely.

SAM 2021 aims to urge governments, donors and national and international organizations to address the lack of education funding, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic. It also warns of the urgency of adequate public funding for education, inviting the State to:

Adequately finance education with transparency and social control to ensure quality education and compliance with the PNE;

Promote tax reform that favors the increase of public resources to be allocated to education, through a progressive tax system;

Promote debt relief or cancellation measures for middle-income and low-income countries and financing 0.7% of GDP for wealthy countries in development aid;

Build and strengthen public systems that guarantee equity and inclusion, covering all stages and modalities of education and combating discrimination by class, race and ethnicity, gender, age, disability, among others;

Provide public, state-run, free and quality education for all people, ending the trend of privatization and commercialization of education;

Improve the quality of education through working conditions, valuing and initial and continuing training of workers and education workers;

Ensure spaces for participation and protagonism of the school community in decisions about education;

Protect children and adolescents all forms of violence, discrimination and oppression.

National Education Plan

The event days also precede the anniversary date of the National Education Plan (PNE), June 25, 2014, when it was sanctioned. Thus, the Brazilian SAM remains dedicated, since 2015 and until 2024, to monitoring the implementation of the PNE, which is our main path so that the entire Brazilian population can have access to quality public education, day care to university.

Along with the materials made available on the SAM website, there will be a series of PNE Balance sheets, which various educational data and indicate levels of compliance and non-compliance with each of the 20 PNE goals. It is also a valuable material for the activities carried out. We have passed the half of the period for the fulfillment of the goals (2014-2024) and none of them have been fully met yet!


To participate, access the SAM 2021 portal and download digital materials for virtual dissemination to start mobilizing for your activities. Just access the "Materials" tab. Soon, we will make available also the SAM 2021 Manual and more subsidies.

As soon as you carry out the activities, the participant must post the photos, videos and reports! As well as promoting on social networks using the hashtags # SAM2021, #FinanciamentoEEscolaSegura and #EducacaoComInfraestrutura.


To receive a certificate of participation, the participant must complete the form on the website, indicating the activities he intends to carry out with the support materials.

Right after the World Action Week, the participant must write a brief report of the activities carried out, also informing the number of people mobilized - attaching photos and videos, authorizing or denying their disclosure. For more information, write to

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