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Culinária / 16/03/2021

Main dishes of Greek cuisine: what to eat there

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Main dishes of Greek cuisine: what to eat there


Typical Greek cuisine dishes | Getting to know a country's typical foods is also part of a journey. After all, the cuisine says a lot about each place and the influences on its history and culture.

To speak of gastronomy, a delicious example is Greece. The destination is highly sought after for its paradisiacal settings, but it also draws attention also for its gastronomic diversity.

Among the ingredients considered as the basis of the main dishes of Greek cuisine are olive oil, breads, potatoes, meats and seafood, cheeses and grains.

This is a sample that the country's food has a strong origin in the traditions of the different peoples that inhabited the region for years, especially with ancestry in Turkey, Italy and the Middle East.

All this mixture results in a variety of recipes that you can and should try when visiting the country, also observing the variations of the dishes, depending on the region you visit.

And get ready, because Greek cuisine satisfies even the most demanding palate, as there are options for all tastes and with different flavors!

Here we will show you what to eat in Greece, be it on the main course, at the entrance, at snack or dessert time. Learn a little more about Greek cuisine in each dish of this post!

Main dishes of Greek cuisine

Savory dishes

- Moussaka

Moussaka is one of the most internationally known dishes in Greece. It is similar to our lasagna, but made with eggplants.

It also takes cheese and a tomato sauce with ground lamb. Other ingredients like olive oil and spices add the finishing touch.

As it is a common food in the country, it is easy to find Moussaka in any Greek cuisine restaurant across the country, the simplest to the most sophisticated.

In some places, moussaka is served with French fries.


The word “gemista” means “stuffed” in Greek and that already explains a lot about the dish.

It can be made with tomatoes or peppers and its main feature is the filling, made with rice, meat, dried herbs and spices. Then it is covered with sauce, plenty of oil and taken to the oven to bake.

The difference is due to the spices, which guarantee the flavor. A simple recipe to prepare, healthy and considered one of the favorites of locals within Greek cuisine.

Greek salad

Simple and very traditional, considered a classic of Greek cuisine, it is widely served as a starter in restaurants.

The main ingredients of the Greek Salad are olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, the famous Feta Cheese and spices such as oregano and pepper.

Finally, a sauce that can vary depending on the place.


Another traditional dish Greece that resembles our lasagna.

But, in this, the base is the pasta, placed in layers interspersed with ground meat and bechamel sauce, in addition to cheese, egg and spices such as nutmeg or cloves.

Pastitsio is finished with grated cheese on top and taken to the oven.


Being a country with so many islands, bathed by the Ionian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, it is more than natural that seafood has a marked and fundamental presence in Greek cuisine.

Fish, prawns, octopuses, mussels and others are part of the food base and are served roasted, boiled or grilled, in addition to being always in recipes, be they pasta, salads and others.

Snacks and appetizers

Feta cheese

Feta cheese is one of the most famous items when it comes to what to eat in Greece.

You can't go through the country without tasting this rennet cheese made with sheep's and goat's milk (the latter must correspond to a maximum of 30% of the quantity, which is established by law).

Feta cheese has a very white color, a different texture Brazilian cheeses, drier, brittle and granular, in addition to a very particular flavor.

It can be eaten pure, seasoned with olive oil and / or oregano, or as an ingredient in other dishes. In salads, pastas, pies, sauces and various recipes Greek cuisine, he is always present.

Souvlaki and Gyros

They are two very similar Greek foods and very easy to find. Typical street food. They are practically on any corner, in trailers and tents, and are a good option for cheap snacks, a kind of “Greek fast food”.

Souvlaki is a meat (usually pork) roasted on a skewer with vegetables and served on the plate, accompanied by pita bread, sauces, salads and french fries.

Gyros, on the other hand, is of Turkish origin and is pork or lamb roasted on a large rotating vertical skewer - hence the name. Alternatively, we also try gyros prepared with chicken meat.

Here in Brazil he also became famous in some cities, with street stalls selling the fragrant Greek barbecue.

The meat is sliced ​​straight the skewer, at the time of serving. Traditionally, the meat is served inside the pita bread rolled up like a cone, and also takes sauces, salad, and pods. and be accompanied by french fries.

Alternatively, gyros can be served on the plate, as an “open” sandwich.


It is nothing more than a different version of Feta Cheese: breaded and fried. But it can also be made with other types of cheese, depending on the region. The main wine producing regions in Greece are: Island of Crete, Ionian Islands (including Zakynthos), center, Thrace and Macedonia (north), Peloponnese, Aegean islands (Santorini, Samos, Lemnos, Paros and Rhodes).

In fact, Greece was recently considered one of the best destinations for wine lovers outside the traditional wine tourism circuit.

And as there are more than 200 grape varieties, the result is very different wines - and very good ones!

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