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Comportamento / 01/04/2021


World Peace, the reflection of the Universe of Inner Peace

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World Peace, the reflection of the Universe of Inner Peace


There has been talk of peace in the world for a long time and we all dream of the day that we will all live in perfect peace, without wars, without conflicts, but we forget the main thing that is the search for our inner peace.

Do not wait for peace to happen in the world, do not wait for the other to make peace, seek peace within yourself first, be an example of transformation for world peace.

Be a master and student of your destiny, like a beautiful card game, on dark days that life brings, organize the cards inside you and if you need to be bold, break the bank, but make a beautiful card for you.

We will not win the bank at all times, but we must never lose the faith we carry in our hearts, and we must never stop seeking peace within ourselves.

Do not criticize your neighbor, you do not know the story that he has carried in his soul for thousands of years, do not want to impose rules in a society we are human beings restless by nature in all degrees. Human beings with experienced stories that are beyond our knowledge. And for peace to happen in the world, it is necessary to allow oneself and be open to working peace within us, the transformation is not in the other, but within each one of us.

You need to embrace inner change with strength and courage and understand that there is no point in changing the landscape, there is no point in changing the scenery, there is no point in changing the actors, if you do not allow yourself to make peace with the depths of your being and seek peace that resides in your soul.

We have an external and an internal universe and seeking peace in the external universe is pure illusion, peace dwells in your internal universe!

And to be at peace with our internal universe is to awaken the sacredness that is within you: pray, dance, sing, change habits, break taboos, remove the bonds and start taking care of your interior so that you will find peace that the world needs.

Be a spotlight for yourself, be a spotlight for the world!

Radiate light for you, radiate light for your home, radiate light for your family members, radiate light for your friends and also for your enemies, radiate light for your neighborhood, radiate light for your city, radiate light for the your country, radiate light to the planet, regardless of beliefs or religions. Be you the example of transformation that the world needs, be you a focus of light in the name of peace!

Life doesn’t stop, it goes on and on, so start being this focus of light now and you will see the changes in your life!

And here I leave a prayer that I love and with deep meanings

Great Invocation

the point of Light in the mind of God,

let Light flow into the minds of men,

and that the Light goes down to the Earth.

the point of Love in the heart of God

let love flow into the hearts of men,

may Christ return to earth.

the center the will of God is known,

that purpose guides the small wills of men,

purpose that masters know and serve.

the center we call the race of men

that the plan of Love and Light be realized

and close the door the evil is.

May the Light, the Love and the Power

restore the Divine Plan on Earth today

and for all eternity. Amen.

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