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Comportamento / 21/06/2020

5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of home office

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5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of home office

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Working home requires adaptation by both companies and employees


1 - Worker does not have to travel to the company, which means savings for the employee and sometimes even for the employer

2 - Time previously wasted on commuting can be converted into proximity to family, qualification or physical exercise

3 - Clothing savings

4 - Company can reduce the space previously maintained to accommodate the staff

5 - With fewer people and cars in circulation, pollution decreases


1 - For those who discipline is not strong, it will be necessary to start practicing the organization and the total focus on activities

2 - Mix personal and professional life. Not being able to distinguish the time to work and the time to stay at home is worrying because it may seem like you are always involved with work

3 - Trend of social isolation. For those who live alone, the home office can awaken a more antisocial side

4 - Technological difficulties, such as slower internet connection

5 - Less care with posture, which can lead to health problems

"We can see that greater flexibility is possible"

Jorge Bischoff's headquarters in Igrejinha have been closed for more than 20 days, but that does not mean that the company has stopped. Far it. Faced with the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, almost all of the company's approximately 100 employees are in home office, a work method that still has no date to finish.

- We are observing the guidelines of governments and the World Health Organization and adapting to them. We have stores in all states, so franchisees are contacting us to assess on time. In some places, the rules are more restrictive than in others. But, here at headquarters, we will stay in this format until it is safe for everyone - explains the director of Branding and Business at Jorge Bischoff, Natália Bischoff.

Home office is expected to grow 30% after pandemic, study points out

It was the first time that the footwear company adopted a home office in this proportion. The initial difficulties were reduced to adjustments of equipment and internet connection at the employees' homes, a step that was smoothly overcome, says Natália. It obviously hit that uncertainty among employees: how long it will last and how it will work were the main doubts. It was up to Natália and the team of managers to shed light on the points that could be clarified. Many answers, neither did they.

- Really, nothing was sure. It was a very anxious period. But now, the staff is well adapted. I think we did very well, because we already used many online tools, like Zoom (an application that allows remote meetings). We're just using a lot more. I say that my life is to wake up and go to Zoom, because we spend the day talking there - Natália jokes.

After the turbulence inherent to major changes, the company manages to pinpoint the positive and negative points. And even think about the post-pandemic period.

- I realize that it is being an opportunity for several talents to appear more, to bring ideas. In addition, this experience, we can see that greater flexibility is possible. Perhaps adopting the home office for part of the team or for a specific area. It is not a decision, but I do not see it as impossible - he points out.

"We are open to new trends"

At the law firm Cassiane Rubbo works as a people manager, the home office was implemented in mid-March, when the coronavirus was beginning to take shape in the country. An internal meeting, called to evaluate emergency measures that would guarantee the health of the team, ended with employees being informed that they should arrive to work the next day with their notebooks in tow. The installation phase of the programs that would allow them to act remotely would begin. Those who did not have the equipment received support the company.

In two days, the 55 people, including associates and employees of Scalzilli Althaus, Porto Alegre, started working their homes, keeping in touch through different applications. The most used is WhatsApp, there are chat groups like Covid-19, created especially to deal with informal content assets being produced by lawyers. As the courts are closed and procedural deadlines are suspended, the legal body was encouraged to create daily reports that would keep clients informed of the frequent changes that have been imposed by issuing provisional measures (MPs).

- We see a team stimulated and engaged with our purpose. We noticed new skills developing that until then we didn't know: creativity, adaptability and a lot of desire - observes Cassiane.

She recognizes, however, that this process of change is delicate, brings challenges and requires adaptations. A trained psychologist, she points out that sudden changes take some time to assimilate, which can result in emotional changes due to uncertainties. A high degree of anxiety, fears and impatience are part of this reality.

- We ended up having to do a bigger approach and with a lot of empathy - he says.

the sampling he has had so far, he believes that working remotely has been positive, a stage of learning and even of getting closer to colleagues, even a distance.

- Certainly, we learn to communicate more with people, to listen more, to be closer. Remote work requires that.

The future of the home office at Scalzilli Althaus is still a doubt, but never ruled out.

- We are open to new trends, of course, always assessing risks, monitoring the performance and performance of the professionals who make up our group. So, we do not exclude this possibility for some areas, however, always taking care not to lose our essence, which is to be close to the customer - he concludes.

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