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Crimes / 09/03/2021

Police operations leave at least nine dead in three days in Rio de Janeiro

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Police operations leave at least nine dead in three days in Rio de Janeiro


Actions take place despite the STF decision that restricted operations to exceptional cases

Military Police and Rio de Janeiro Civil Police operations carried out between Thursday (4) and Saturday (6) resulted in at least nine deaths, despite the decision of the Supreme Court (STF) that restricted police actions in the state exceptional cases while the Covid-19 pandemic lasts.

Public security experts and human rights defenders warn of the systematic failure to comply with the Supreme Court's determination. Minister Edson Fachin called for a public hearing in April to collect information and subsidize the state in formulating a plan to reduce police lethality.

Data the ISP (Public Security Institute) showed that the number of deaths police intervention jumped 79 in December to 149 in January. It was the highest index recorded since April last year, before Fachin's decision to restrict operations.

On Thursday (4), the nursing technician Luanna da Silva Pereira, 28, was hit at the door of her home in Vigário Geral, north of Rio, during a Civil Police operation. After her death, friends and family held a demonstration in the region. Luanna left a nine-year-old daughter.

“She died when she left for work, so before they come to associate Luanna with the traffic because a lot of people are like that, right? […] Luanna was just another mother who now leaves her nine-year-old daughter ”, wrote William Reis, Afroreggae coordinator on social media. Luanna participated in the band Parvati, one of the NGO's projects.

In a statement, the Civil Police said officers were shot and Luanna was shot in the middle of the crossfire. An investigation was carried out on the spot and the investigation is underway by the Homicide Police in the capital.

According to the police, three facts motivated the operation to start. First, allegations that traffickers are threatening and expelling religious people linked to candomblé who live in the region.

Second, the investigation of the episode in which criminals shot an executive who mistakenly entered one of the communities dominated by trafficking. Third, the complaint made by Supervia that traffickers are transforming the local train station into a smokehouse.

“By collecting the precise intelligence data and triggering the operation, the agents were very close to arresting the leader of the gang and busting a faction magazine, which led to the strong disorderly reaction of the criminals,” says the corporation's note.

Also on Thursday, an operation by the Military Police in the Chapadão Complex, north of Rio, resulted in the death of two young men who served in the Army: Guilherme Martins, 20, and Gabryel Marques, 21. According to the family, they had left to drink with friends and had no involvement in the drug trade.

“Yesterday, before receiving the news my son, I was crying over the death of the girl Vigário Geral [Luanna Pereira]. Now he was my 20-year-old son with his whole life ahead of him, ”Guilherme's stepmother, who did not want to be identified, told TV Globo.

On twitter, the corporation reported that there was a confrontation between agents of the 41st BPM (Irajá) and criminals the Morro do Gogó. He also said that "three individuals were found on the ground" and helped to the hospital. According to the PM, a pistol, a grenade, a radio transmitter, ammunition and drugs were seized.

The Civil Police reported that an investigation was launched by the 31st DP (Ricardo de Albuquerque) to investigate the deaths.

On Friday (5), Paulo Roberto da Silva, 45, was hit on a trip to the bakery, in Vila Kennedy, west of the city, when he crossed the path of an action by the Military Police. He worked in a supermarket chain and leaves two children and a granddaughter.

On social media, the PM stated that police officers the 14th BPM (Bangu) were attacked by traffickers within the Vila Kennedy community. The corporation said there was a clash and that three criminals were injured.

“Beto was my friend! Beto was a worker! Beto had a fixed residence! Beto was a father, grandfather, uncle, saying it! Beto was a son, brother! Beto had a story! ”Wrote his friend Jorge Melo on social media.

The case was registered at the 35th DP (Campo Grande) and will be forwarded to the 34th DP (Bangu), which will continue the investigations.

On Saturday, another operation by the Military Police resulted in five deaths at Morro dos Macacos, in Vila Isabel, in the northern part of the city.

Among the victims is Valmir Pereira Candido, 42, who worked as a scaffolder in a Petrobras refinery and had left home to find a friend. According to the family, police officers entered the scene shooting.

“There was no confrontation, they arrived already shooting. There was not even time for the boys to move. They threw my husband into the van as if he were an animal, along with the others, and they did not let us approach for help.

air, ”said widow Valeria Candido to the newspaper O Dia.

On social media, the organized crowd Flamacacos, of which Valmir was a part, paid tribute to the victim.

“March 6, 2021, Saturday, one more worker, family man, respectful and friend of all… Walmir, was sitting at the door of his house and was murdered in a @PMRJ raid that filled the vehicle's bucket taking five lives ”, says the text.

The Homicide Police in the capital is investigating Valmir's death. The weapons of the military police officers who participated in the action will be tested for ballistic confrontation. According to the Civil Police, witnesses will be heard and agents will take steps to clarify the case.

Questioned the Military Police about the circumstances of the deaths and about the opening of investigations to investigate the authorship of the shots. He also asked what justified the operations in view of the restriction determined by the STF, but he did not receive an answer until the publication of this report.

In a note, the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro, responsible for the external control of police activities, reinforced that the Supreme Court's decision allows operations in the communities of Rio de Janeiro “only in absolutely exceptional cases”.

Last week, the Public Prosecutor's Office underwent a restructuring and ended Gaesp (Specialized Public Security Action Group), whose main task was to act in criminal investigations related to crimes committed by police.

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